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Fermín IV—Fácil

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The Expanse of Heaven, Appendix A: Is the Earth Flat?

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Our Humble Creator

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Digging Up the Truth About Dinosaurs

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Mantis Shrimp—Pint-Sized Prizefighters

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Tree Squirrels—Method to the Madness

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Cracking the Eggshell’s Secret

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Science in Perspective: Quick Takes

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Why Are Wasps So Evil?

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Ducks & Dinosaurs Together?

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Bible & Culture: Quick Takes

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Does Father Know Best?

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Why Do We Age?

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Ken Ham—The Man Everyone Loves to Hate

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Falling for a Flat Earth

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The Sound of a Transformed Life

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In the Clouds

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Answers Magazine

November–December 2018

Aging is a result of Adam’s fall. But can we do anything to ease the effects of aging or extend our life span?

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