Green Factories

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They’re just plants—boring, everyday, walk-over-’em blades of grass, right? As I look out my window each morning, I think how wrong I am.

These are God’s creations. They perform a fundamental biological process—photosynthesis—that still astounds scientists. The thousands of chemical equations would fill a wall.

Yet every day, these green factories churn out the sustenance of life. They remind me that a lowly sinner like me can glorify my Maker and Life-giver, who gave His life for me.

Thank you, Lord, for these daily reminders of your grace, all around us—grace so common that I walk over them without a second thought.

Blades of Grass

Answers Magazine

October–December 2016

Your irresistible urge to snatch up that cute little puppy and hug it for all youʼre worth isnʼt just a feeling. Itʼs science.

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