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on December 14, 2014
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What could be more epic than a journey to one of the highest mountains in the world? With the new Answers in Genesis Vacation Bible School for 2015, Camp Kilimanjaro—An Epic Expedition Through Proverbs, children experience exotic Africa through dramas, decorations, music, and more while they learn biblical truths that will stick with them through life’s journey.

The all-wise Creator gave Solomon the gift of unparalleled wisdom, so that he could pass it down to us. Kids learn godly wisdom and how to apply it in important decisions of life, such as choosing godly friends. They also learn from King Solomon’s mistakes how worldly influences can turn even the wisest person from God.

At Camp Kilimanjaro, craft time goes beyond glue dots and scissors and incorporates hands-on science with a purpose. Each day, safari guides have the option of using a craft, a science experiment, or both to reinforce that day’s theme. For example, on the first day, when the lesson focuses on using our ears wisely, the optional science experiment teaches that sound is made of vibrations, and they set up dominoes in a line to see how sound travels by a sort of domino effect, as vibrations pass through the air. The teacher also explains God’s incredible design of the human ear, which senses the vibrations and sends the message to the brain.

Many other surprises await those who adventure to Camp Kilimanjaro. Children will learn about the wonders of God’s world, such as the amazing surprises of Kilimanjaro, which can be 100°F at the base while at the same time hover below 0°F at the summit! Climbers pass through rainforest, desert, and other habitats as they ascend—day by day—to the peak.

Kids also explore special designs God gave African animals to enable them to thrive, how humans really came to Africa (hint: it wasn’t by evolving there), and many other facts that glorify the Creator. As always, snacks, creative crafts, and exciting games reinforce each lesson.

The gospel is central at Camp Kilimanjaro. The entire second day’s lessons are devoted to our hope in Jesus, our rescuer. The expedition that day begins in the Garden of Eden so teachers have an opportunity to explain clearly the origin of sin and our need for a Savior. Students then learn of the grace provided through Jesus’s death and Resurrection. The strong gospel emphasis and focus on walking in God’s truth make Camp Kilimanjaro—An Epic Expedition Through Proverbs an exciting outreach that will both point kids to Christ and help them grow in wisdom.

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