Who Knows More, Us or God?

Biblical Authority Devotional: God’s Character, Part 5

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We can know many things because all knowledge concerning logic, natural law, and morality has an originator (i.e., God).

Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth, tell me if you have understanding? (Job 38:4)
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Today’s big question: who knows more, us or God?

We can know many things. We know that triangles only have three sides. We know that you can add two numbers together and get a logical result. We know that gravity causes objects thrown in the air to return to the ground. We know that murder and stealing is wrong.

We know this because all knowledge concerning logic, natural law, and morality has an originator (i.e., God). We can understand logic, natural law, and morality because they are at work around us all of the time and it makes perfect sense. But we are “within” the world and its laws and not the originator of it.

Now imagine being Job and sitting in a pile of dust after having lost your family, your wealth, and even your health. You have no idea how this could have happened and why it would specifically happen to you. Your friends are giving you their understanding based on their own philosophical formulas and your wife is telling you to blame God for it all. Not a very nice place to be in, is it?

Even after knowing the consequences of sin and how it has affected the world we live in, we see Job, a sinner and yet a righteous man, scraping boils from his skin with broken pottery. Job didn’t have all the information about what happened to him, and his friends and wife relied solely on their own human reason apart from God. None of them knew about the satanic attack he was undergoing or God’s purpose in it happening. In his devastating confusion, Job was reminded by God that there was One infinitely more knowledgeable than him. The Bible lays claims to this perfect wisdom—for which humans have no capacity—that originates in God. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instruction” ( Proverbs 1:7).

We cannot know all there is to know about everything—good or bad. We are limited in knowledge. But there is One who created the entire universe who has knowledge of its workings—both now and in the future.

Today’s big idea: the limited should rely on the wisdom of the unlimited.

What to pray: Like Job, tell God that you will rest in His wisdom.


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