How Can We Respect the Call of God on Our Life?

Biblical Authority Devotional: Authority of the Father, Part 5

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If we reject the Father's authority and His calling, then we reject the authority of the Creator.

Have we not all one Father? Has not one God created us? Why do we deal treacherously with one another by profaning the covenant of the fathers? (Malachi 2:10)

Today’s big question: how can we respect the Father’s call on our life?

Malachi told the nation of Judah that we all have one Father. In context, he was talking about the Jewish people, but did not limit God’s authority to just those people. Malachi plainly says that we all have one Father, and He is the Creator. Malachi reveals that God is the Father of everyone because He is the Creator of everyone. Sadly, many people have rejected the one true Father of all to seek their own rule in life.

Malachi made a very serious point that we should all take care to notice. When we reject the Father, we are rejecting the Creator of all. Think about the seriousness of this issue. God created this world out of nothing, utilizing an immense and unlimited power that we cannot even begin to perceive. Imagine the power of speaking matter into existence—let alone an entire universe with an innumerable amount of stars in an immeasurable expanse. This gives us a glimpse of the God humans have rejected as Father. 

We could spend a lifetime just contemplating the power and greatness of God as Creator, and the folly of rejecting such an omnipotent God (Psalm 14:1). Yet Malachi goes even deeper to show us the great relational implication of ignoring the Father’s authority. Through idolatry the Jewish people had ignored God’s covenant, and the Jewish leaders led the people astray. 

The Jews had been repeatedly reminded by God of His covenant with them that He would be their God and they would be His people. The Jews had an intimate relationship with God that the other nations did not have. They were God’s chosen people. The Creator of the world had set them apart to be a light to the world. Through festivals, feasts, sacrifice, the law, the tabernacle, the temple, and more, God had a very clear and visible relationship with the Jews. All of these things reminded the Jews of His presence and also pointed to the coming Messiah. The Jewish leaders had ignored these things to lead the Jewish people into idolatrous relationships and worship. 

Now, through Christ (the one final sacrifice for all) we can also become part of God’s family (Romans 8:16–17). In Jesus Christ we are called to be a royal priesthood—a people belonging to God (1 Peter 2:9). Jesus fulfilled the law and is the great fulfillment of all the biblically-prescribed feasts and festivals of the Jews. Jesus gives us full and endless access to the Father and is the glory of the Father’s presence with us. 

Our great responsibility, as well as our great desire, is to be God’s people through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We have one Father who sent His only Son as Redeemer so that we might be His people. To think of ignoring this covenant or leading others astray in respect to God’s authority really should be unthinkable to us. 

Today’s big idea: take your identity as God’s child very seriously.

What to pray: seek God to search your heart for where you are ignoring His call. 


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