What Is Our Foundational Calling in Protecting the Church from False Doctrine?

Biblical Authority Devotional: Attacking God’s Word, Part 14

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Like Ezekiel, we must proclaim the truth of God’s Word whether the people listen or not. Steve Ham, AiG–U.S., explains.

And go, get to the captives, to the children of your people, and speak to them and tell them, “Thus says the Lord GOD,” whether they hear, or whether they refuse. (Ezekiel 3:11)

Today’s big question: what is our foundational calling in protecting the church from false doctrine?

We can learn such a vital lesson from the first few chapters of Ezekiel. Ezekiel was a prophet called by God to warn Israel of God’s impending judgment. As we read the history of Israel in the Old Testament, we continually find God’s chosen people becoming corrupt and taking on the idolatrous philosophies of their times.

Israel has a sad history of rejecting God’s Word and Kingship in favor of the false gods of the surrounding nations. Consequently, God repeatedly judged and chastised their rebellion, but we also find that God was gracious in bringing His people to repentance and obedience.

After seeing a vision of the throne room of heaven and a taste of the awesome glory of God, Ezekiel was commissioned by God to bring a prophecy of His judgment to this rebellious people. In chapter three, God told Ezekiel to speak to a people that had the same language and the same speech. In other words, Ezekiel would really be “preaching to the choir.” Sadly, the choir had rejected their Conductor. Ezekiel could only do what God had told him to do—teach the truth, whether they listen or not.

Ezekiel was simply called to obedience. Whether the people listened or not was irrelevant. Ezekiel had one job, and that was to proclaim, “Thus says the Lord GOD.” 

Today, we have the same calling. There are many within the church who speak the same language, with the same speech, but they have rejected the truth of Christ and corrupted His Word. With many in the church adopting the humanistic philosophies of this world and attempting to insert them into Scripture, it is our job to protect doctrine by also saying, “Thus says the Lord GOD.” Whether they hear us or reject us, our success is never based on the results of our own efforts, but in our obedience to our calling to stand on God’s truth in obedience, and to uncompromisingly preach Christ with all our might.

Today’s big idea: the foundation for the Christian’s battle is obedience to God’s Word.

What to pray: thank God for giving us such a sure foundation.


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