Stuart Burgess: Advanced Design

by Mariah Smith on October 27, 2017
Stuart Burgess

Stuart Burgess

Stuart Burgess is a professor of engineering design at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. He specializes in engineering design in manmade and natural systems. He also studies biomechanics, looking at the way God designed animals and other living things to give us ideas for how to design things. Burgess sees the beauty of creation as confirmation that a loving, powerful Creator made the universe.

During his studies, Burgess has discovered that the science he studies confirms biblical creation. He has written over 160 scientific papers on design, and he is a co-editor of the International Journal of Design and Nature. Burgess has spoken at many universities around the world about his research. He’s traveled across the globe to teach young people about God's creation in Europe, Japan, America, Australia, Africa, and Singapore.

Burgess is also an inventor. He designed major parts of space rockets for the European Space Agency. Since he is a designer himself, he believes the beauty and intricacy of the world did not happen by mere chance. He makes his belief clear in his books Hallmarks of Design, Design and the Origin of Man, and He Made the Stars Also. He helped design special bicycles for the Rio Olympics in 2016, and his efforts helped Great Britain win 11 Olympic medals. His research and inventions have won him several national awards.

In Burgess’s research, he sees the evidence of an all-powerful Creator. He is a strong opponent of evolution because he sees the flaws in evolutionary ideas. Burgess is confident that God created the universe and everything in it.

Fast Facts About Stuart Burgess

  • He and his wife, Jocelyn, have five children.
  • At one point he was head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Bristol University.
  • He once worked for the European Space Agency.
  • His work on Olympic bike design has been exhibited at the National Academy of Sciences in the United Kingdom.

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