Name That Flower

by Mike Matthews on January 1, 2020

I wouldn’t call myself a passionate gardener, but I love the little bursts of color that greet me each evening when I arrive home from work. Yellow, orange, and red marigolds; purple and white pansies; pink petunias; and a dash of blue floss flowers.

There are nearly 33,000 species in the sunflower family.

Biologists are quick to point out flowers’ underlying purpose—seed making. They’re giftwrapping for food that God provides his creatures (Genesis 1:29–30).

Working with a creation botanist, I learned that my little marigolds come from the same stock as sunflowers, the Asteraceae family. Since creation 6,000 years ago, this flexible family has diversified into nearly 33,000 species that can crossbreed, including lettuce!

What a thought! The same God who delights me daily with my marigolds also feeds 7.5 billion people and a trillion quadrillion animals each day with a cornucopia of delights.

Article was taken from Answers magazine, July–August, 2019, 82.