North American Indian

on May 2, 2016

Among the Choctaw people originally from Mississippi, another legend tells of a prophet who had been sent to warn the people of a coming flood by the high god, but people ignored him and the warning. When the flood began, the prophet got upon a raft and after drifting for months, saw a black bird, a crow. It flew away when he tried to signal it. After awhile, he spotted a bluish bird, a dove, and signaled to it. The bird flapped its wings, making sounds of pain and grief, and then guided the prophet on the raft toward the sun. He landed at an island the next morning, an island filled with animals of all kinds. The prophet then blessed the dove and cursed the crow.

Does this sound familiar to you? Check out the true account of the Flood of Noah’s time in Genesis 6–9!

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