on May 2, 2016

In Mexico, there is an ancient Toltec account of a global flood. This story recounts how there was a first world which lasted less than 2,000 years. Then a great flood came and destroyed the first world, covering even the highest mountains with water. A few people escaped the flood in something like a “closed chest.” Following the flood, these people began to multiply so that many people were once again on the earth.

The Aztecs also have a flood legend. According to their story, the Creator told Tapi to build a boat for himself to live, and to take his wife and a pair of every animal that was alive with him in the boat. Then the rains began and the mountains became flooded. All the people and the animals not on the boat were lost in the water. The rains finally stopped. Tapi knew the water was gone when he let a dove loose that did not return to him.

Does this sound familiar to you? Check out the true account of the Flood of Noah’s time in Genesis 6–9!

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