A Feathered Dinosaur?

on January 31, 2008

A common idea among those who believe molecules-to-man evolution is that dinosaurs have turned into birds over millions of years. But, from the Bible (Genesis 1), we know that God created all things about 6,000 years ago—birds on Day 5 of the first week, dinosaurs (land animals) on Day 6.

So what about the “feathered dinosaurs”? Do they prove that dinosaurs changed into birds? For example, some scientists have recently found bumps on the forearm of a velociraptor. They suggest that the bumps were where feathers attached to the bone.

Although no actual feathers were found with the velociraptor fossil (or any other dinosaur fossil, for that matter), it may be that some dinosaurs had feathers. But this group of animals would merely be a kind of feathered reptile—descendants of the animals that God created in the beginning. Feathers on reptiles have nothing to do with proving that one kind of animal changed into another kind. They just show the creativity and diversity of our wonderful Creator God!