Creation Week: Day Three

by Avery Foley on May 25, 2016

God’s Word tells us that God created everything in six days (Genesis 1; Exodus 20:11). On Day One, He created a water-covered earth, and on Day Two, He created our atmosphere and outer space. But there was nothing on the earth—not even any land yet!—and nothing in space. On Day Three, it was time to start filling them up!

In Genesis 1:9–13 we can read about what God did on Day Three of Creation Week. First, He commanded the water to go into one place so that dry ground could appear. Because this water went into “one place” (Genesis 1:9), it seems that God created one great big ocean and one great big continent. It wouldn’t be until the Flood that we would get the seven continents that we have today.


Now that there was dry land, God commanded it to produce plants. Soon fruit trees, green grass, pretty flowers, and many other kinds of plants filled the land. And each of these plants reproduces “according to its kind” (Genesis 1:12). This means that one kind of plant cannot turn into another kind of plant; daisies always produce more daisies and pine trees always produce more pine trees. Plants did not evolve. God created all of the plant kinds on Day Three.

God saw that the dry land and the beautiful plants were good (Genesis 1:12). It was then evening and morning, the end of the third day of Creation (Genesis 1:13).

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