Creation Week: Day One

by Avery Foley on May 25, 2016

The Bible tells us that “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1) and that everything was made in six days (Genesis 1:1; Exodus 20:11). Before God began to create, there was absolutely nothing. God created everything we see from nothing! But what did He make on which day of Creation Week?

We can read about what God made on Day One in Genesis 1:1–5. The first thing He created was the earth. It was originally covered in newly created water, and there was darkness all around. Then God said, “Let there be light,” and instantly there was light. We don’t know what this original light was, since the Bible does not tell us. But we do know that it wasn’t the sun, because the sun wasn’t created until Day Four (Genesis 1:14–16). At the end of Day One, God had made earth, water, and light out of nothing. He saw that “it was good.” Then there was evening and morning, the first day.

Some people wonder how there could be day and night (or evening and morning) without the sun. But all that’s needed for day and night is a light source and a spinning (rotating) earth. As we’ve seen, God created both a light source and our rotating earth on Day One of Creation Week. So there was night and day right from the beginning, just as the Bible tells us!

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