Ants: Fun Facts

on March 23, 2010

God’s wonder and majesty can be seen in all that He has created, even the tiny ant.

Where Do Ants Live?

Ants live on every continent in the world except Antarctica. They prefer warm weather, and you will find more ants in the tropics.

Do Ants Have Homes?

Well, ants don’t have “homes” exactly. But they do live together in large groups, called colonies. Most of these “group homes” are underground and have rooms, or chambers, that are connected by many tunnels.

Do Ants Have Jobs?

Yes! And they work really hard! The soldiers are the largest ants in the group. They protect the colony and defend the other ants that do housekeeping chores and that bring in food and supplies. The worker ants’ job is to do . . . yep, you got it . . . work! They care for the queen and her young, they build and repair the nest, and they search for food. The queen ant’s job is to lay eggs and make more ants.

Do Ants Communicate?

Very definitely! Often they touch each other with their antennae to “talk.” Other times they make a path with a chemical that leaves a scent and tells other ants where they went, what they did, whether to follow, and how to help.

Do Ants Eat?

Oh yes, and most of them love sweets. Have they ever visited one of your picnics? Ants will also eat other dead insects, seeds, meat, eggs, oil, and just about any food that gets left out.

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