A Book of History—Old Testament

on August 22, 2016
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Author: Unknown

When It Happened: 519–509 BC

Chapters: 10

Key People: Esther, Mordecai, King Ahasuerus, Haman

Summary: God’s sovereignty is clearly seen throughout all the events in the book of Esther. The young Jewish girl, Esther, was gathered with other young women as a candidate and then chosen to be queen of Persia. While she was queen, the evil Haman plotted to destroy all the Jews in the kingdom. But God had placed the young Jewish queen and her cousin Mordecai into important positions within the kingdom. Because of that, they were able to influence the king to save the Jews.

About God: God is trustworthy. In His providence, He determines all events—both the good and the bad—for His good and perfect purposes.

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