by Buddy Davis and Kay Davis on November 2, 2015

It says in the Bible that God created the sea creatures on Day Five. In most of the books, films, or programs you see today, God is not even mentioned, but these media are filled with evolutionary theories stated as facts. This book is meant to give God the glory for creating these wonderful creatures of the sea.

This book gives you information on a variety of sea creatures. Each one was specially designed with remarkable features that will amaze you.

The sea contains such a wide collection of different creatures. Some of the animals in this book appear to be very dangerous to man and other animals around it. These features appear as a result of Adam’s rebellion in the Garden of Eden. Originally, there would have been no suffering, disease, or death. Sin affected the whole world, and all creation groans because of it (Rom. 8:22). After sin, some of the animals became aggressive and started killing one another. The Bible also tells us that animals began to fear man after the global flood of Noah’s day (Gen. 9:2).

God’s Word says that there is a time coming when the wolf will lie down with the lamb and the lion will eat straw as an ox (Isa. 11:6–7). In other words, the animals will live peaceably with one another and with man. We look forward to that time.

In the meantime, we will continue to worship God, the Creator of all things and marvel at the special wonders of the sea world.

Sea Creature

Marvels of Creation: Sensational Sea Creatures

Brings the world of the sea alive in a unique and colorful way with photographs, a page of facts and commentaries.

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