by Mike Matthews on July 1, 2019

In my haste to grab the hot casserole out of the microwave, I used my bare hands and burned my fingertips. Then I sliced the back of another finger while cutting a tomato.

For someone clumsy like me, these are almost daily occurrences. Thankfully, the pain subsides and the injury heals.

Ever since learning about the miracle of skin (from a creationist, by the way), I’ve never seen my slip-ups the same. If I slice through the outer layer, the next layer (the dermis) whips into action. Little engineers repair and reweave tissue in a choreographed dance.

The same Christ who healed the paralytic at the pool of Bethesda designed my skin to heal itself. He cares about me, even when I’m careless.

Article was taken from Answers magazine, January–February, 2019, 82.