Flood Crossword

on May 17, 2016

Read Genesis 6-9 to find the answers to this puzzle.

Vocabulary Words

  • Alive
  • All
  • Ark
  • Cubits
  • Deep
  • Destroy
  • Died
  • Evil
  • Forty
  • Fossils
  • Heaven
  • Jesus
  • Never
  • Noah
  • Whole
  • Wind
  • Year

Crossword Puzzle

  • To save Noah, his family, and the animals from the Flood, God told __________ to build an Ark.
  • At the end of the Flood, God made a __________ to pass over the earth, and the waters subsided.
  • God told Noah he would __________ the earth with a Flood because of the wickedness of mankind.
  • God used the Ark to save Noah and his family from the Flood. Today, God gave us __________ to save us from His judgment on our sin.
  • When the Flood started, the fountains of the great __________ broke open.
  • During the Flood, __________ the high hills under the whole heaven were covered with water.
  • At the beginning of the Flood, the windows of __________ opened.
  • As a result of the Flood, we find lots of __________ and rock layers today.
  • Noah was on the Ark for over a __________.
  • After the Flood was finished, God promised that He would __________ flood the entire earth again.
  • The Flood of Noah’s day covered the __________ world.
  • During the Flood, the mountains were covered by fifteen __________ of water.
  • About 4,300 years ago, God saw that every intent of people’s hearts was only __________ all the time.
  • All the land animals and people that weren’t on the Ark __________ in the Flood.
  • Only Noah and those with him on the Ark remained __________ during the Flood.
  • At the start of the Flood, it rained for __________ days and nights.
  • After the Flood, Noah and all those with him went out of the __________.
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