Matthew 7:24 Fill in the Blanks

on August 30, 2017

Bedrock Base

Hello, Explorers!

Today our animal pal, Spike the narwhal, reminded us that the Bible isn’t like a slippery, icy, sinking floor—it’s a bedrock base for our lives! A foolish builder builds his house on the sand, so when the wind and the rains come, the house is destroyed. A wise builder knows to use a strong foundation, like a rock, to build on. The word “bedrock” has the word “rock” in it because it’s the solid rock under the ground. It’s a firm foundation, just like the Bible is a firm foundation in our lives. The Bible never changes and is never wrong—it’s our absolute authority for every area it touches on. The Bible tells us that when we hear God’s words and do them, we’re like a wise man whose house is built on a rock—the wind and the waves may come, but the house stands strong. If we build our lives on the bedrock base of the Bible, we are able to stand strong through the storms of life. God wants us to be like the wise builder and build our lives on His Word!

The Bible is the bedrock base we build our lives on—the absolute authority!

Use the code to discover who God compares a wise man to.


Therefore whosoever heareth these 14 1 17 8 11 6 14 of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a 16 8 14 4 man, which built his 7 12 15 14 4 upon a 13 12 2 9 . And the rain descended, and the 5 10 12 12 3 14 came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that 7 12 15 14 4 ; and it 5 4 10 10 not: for it was founded upon a 13 12 2 9 .
— Matthew 7:24–25

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