Review Game: Bible Football

on November 8, 2018

We encourage you to play the following Thanksgiving lesson review game (from ABC 2018 Thanksgiving Lesson.


  • Review Questions (download below)
  • Football Cutouts, one per team (download below)
  • Tape or poster putty


Print one copy of the review questions. Print and cut out one football for each team. You may choose to color them in two different colors for each team or have the teams choose team names and write the names on their football. On the board draw 6 vertical lines and label them 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, and End Zone to represent the yard lines on a football field. Make the lines long enough so there is room for the team footballs to be placed along them with room in between.

Divide the class into teams and have them sit together or line up facing the board. Write the team names on the board to keep score. Place each team’s football at the 50-yard line using tape or poster putty on the back side.

Alternate asking review questions to each team. If the answer is correct, move the team’s football to the next yard line toward the end zone. If the answer is incorrect, the team’s football stays where it is. If a student is unsure of the answer, he may “pass” the question to a teammate to answer. Only one pass per question is allowed, and this does not affect the order of the questions being asked on the team.

Every so often, insert a memory verse question, giving the student a chance to fill in missing words in the verse. If correct, move the team’s football two lines toward the end zone (a 20-yard play). If incorrect, move the football back 10 yards.

When a team’s football reaches the end zone, they have scored a touchdown worth 6 points. Keep track of scores on the board. After scoring a touchdown, the team’s football is placed back at the 50-yard line on the next turn.

Continue asking questions and moving the teams’ footballs until everyone has answered a question, until all the questions are asked, or until the time is up. You may repeat questions as necessary. At the end, the team with the most points wins.

Review Game: Bible Football Download PDF

ABC 2018 Thanksgiving Lessons (Excerpt)

God has commanded us to give thanks in all circumstances, including both good and bad times.

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