Family Devotion Time: Sick Squad

on May 1, 2019

The Bible tells us that during the creation week about 6,000 years ago, Jesus made a perfect world (Genesis 1–2; John 1:3). There was no suffering, tears, or sickness before Adam sinned (Genesis 3).

So that brings up some big questions. We have this super-complex, packs-a-mean-wallop immune system that can keep most bad germs out and blast any that slip in. But what about before the fall? Did Jesus create humans with an immune system? After all, the first two people didn’t need to worry about getting a cold while they walked in Eden.

Here’s the Deal

God likely designed the immune system to serve as a sort of good germ “shepherd” before the fall, and now it also works as a super defender against bad germs.

Since God finished up his universe-creating work in six days (Exodus 20:11), we’ve probably always had our immune system. But Bible-believing scientists think it had a slightly different function at first.

In fact, our immune system isn’t just there to fight the bad guys. It also works to identify and “shepherd” the good bacteria in our bodies, making sure there aren’t too many in one place and moving them where they need to go. It also helps to clean out and recycle old blood cells so that they don’t pile up.

But no matter what the prefall function, we can be grateful that our Master Designer gave us all these defenders. We need them to kick the sick out.

Talk About It

  • Read Genesis 1:31. How do we know that God did not create bad germs?
  • Read Revelation 21:1–5. When will God remove sickness from the earth? Why do we get sick today?
  • When people are sick, what are some ways you can encourage them?
Buddy Davis

Hey Kids!

Buddy Davis here. If you’ve ever wanted “super powers,” just remember that you already have some! God gave you a super powerful immune system to keep you healthy.

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