Safari Finger Puppets

Pre-Primaries and Toddlers

on August 24, 2015

Finger Puppet Animals pattern is available by downloading the pdf version of this project (see below).

Materials ††

  • Finger Puppet Animals pattern ††
  • White cardstock, 1 sheet for every 2 children ††
  • Paper towel tubes, 1 for every 2 children (approx.) ††
  • Glue dots, 6 per child

Tools and Basic Supplies ††

  • Scissors ††
  • Office paper cutter ††
  • Crayons or markers


  1. Photocopy the Finger Puppet Animals pattern onto white cardstock and cut out one set per child.
  2. Using an office paper cutter, cut paper towel tubes into ¾ in. sections, 6 per child.

Teaching Tie-In

Show the sample craft and say:

We’re making some finger puppets today. Your hands will work the puppets and make them move. It’s a fun way to use your hands! God gave us hands that can do all kinds of things, like making puppets move. But the very best thing your hands can do is to work for God. When you work hard at whatever job God has given you, whether it is doing your homework, finishing your chores, reading your Bible, developing a talent, caring for others, etc., you will be working for the Lord, and not for men. It pleases God when you work hard for Him!

Class Time Directions

  1. Use crayons or markers to color each of the animals as desired.
  2. Attach each animal to a tube section with a glue dot.

Tip Corner

  • Provide a little “set” for your safari animals by adding a green paper plate (for the savanna) and an upside-down brown paper cup with white cotton “snow” on top (for Mt. Kilimanjaro).

Super Simple Idea

Try the following Oriental Trading Company craft kit. (Call 1-800-875-8480 or visit

  • Wiggle Eye Safari Finger Puppets Craft Kit (IN-13627707)— Manufacturer does not recommend this for children under 3 years.
Safari Finger Puppets Download PDF