Ocean of Thanks Box: Toddlers

on June 1, 2016


  • Square tissue boxes, 1 per child
  • Blue spray paint, amount varies
  • Bright green construction paper, one ¼ sheet per child
  • Sea Creatures pattern
  • Clamshell Notes pattern
  • White copy paper, 2 sheets per child
  • Ocean of Thanks Verse pattern
  • White copy paper, 1 sheet for every 30 children

Tools and Basic Supplies

  • Office paper cutter
  • Glue sticks
  • Markers, crayons, or colored pencils
  • Scissors
Ocean of Thanks Box


  1. Remove any plastic from the holes in the tops of the tissue boxes.
  2. Spray paint the tissue boxes blue.
  3. Cut bright green construction paper into quarter sheets, 1 per child.
  4. Copy Sea Creatures pattern onto white copy paper, 1 pattern per child.
  5. Copy Clamshell Notes pattern onto white copy paper, 1 pattern per child.
  6. Copy the Ocean of Thanks Verse pattern onto white copy paper. Then cut out one verse for each child.

Teaching Tie-In

Show the sample craft and say:

Today you’re making an Ocean of Thanks box. It’s fun to get into the habit of writing down or drawing one thing you’re thankful for each night before going to bed and then putting it into your box.

Let’s practice before we start. Turn to your neighbors and tell them something you’re thankful for. Do so.

Did anyone think to say they’re thankful they are a child of God? For those who are, that is the greatest thing ever to be thankful for. If you're not sure if you're a child of God, take the time to talk to your leader today about it!

Class Time Directions

  1. Tear thin strips of bright green construction paper for seaweed. The strips should come to a point at one end. Then glue stick the strips to the front and sides of the box to look like seaweed rising from the ocean floor.
  2. Color the fish and cut out. Then glue stick to the front and sides of the box.
  3. Cut out the verse and glue stick to the front of the box.
  4. Cut out the clamshell notes so you’re ready to start using your Ocean of Thanks box.

Tip Corner

  • Sea creature stickers can be used instead of the Sea Creatures pattern. Fun foam stickers are particularly fun! Marbled green construction paper looks particularly awesome as seaweed.
  • To save a little time and money, the clamshell notes can be optional. Instead, the children can use their own small note paper from home.
  • Attach a small envelope to the back to hold the clamshell notes.

Super Simple Idea

Try the following Oriental Trading Company craft kit. (Call 1-800-875-8480 or visit www.orientaltrading.com.)

  • DIY Fabulous Foam Notebooks (IN-57/2078)—Manufacturer does not recommend for children under 3 years of age.
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