Fleece Headband

on November 17, 2017


Fleece Headband
  • Colored fleece, one 24 x 3-in. piece per child

Tools and Basic Supplies

  • Scissors


  • Cut fleece into 24 x 3-in. bands, 1 per child.
  • Take each fleece band and bring the ends together. Then make short (2-in. deep) cuts to the ends to create 3 strips on each end.

Class Time Directions

  • Take your fleece band and bring the ends together so the small strips line up.
  • Tie opposing strips together with 2 regular knots, but not too tightly, as fleece can tear.

Tip Corner

  1. You may want to have the kids do the pre-prep steps during class time.
  2. Have some extra fleece bands available to replace those that get torn.
  3. Fleece can be overstretched, so treat it gently!
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