One Race, Many Nations: After Babel (Pre-Primary)

on August 1, 2019

Jambo, racers! As you traveled to Africa today, you read how the Bible tells us God “scattered,” or “moved” the people from the tower of Babel when they didn’t obey him. When God moved the people away from Babel, they ended up all over the world, and over time, the families developed their own traditions and cultures and clothing styles. Though we might look a little different, we know that all people are part of the same race, the human race. Some people have a darker shade of skin color, some have a lighter shade of skin color, and some are in between. In our skin, God put melanin, a coloring pigment, that helps to make skin different shades of brown. We don’t have different colors of skin, just different shades of the same basic color, brown!

On leg three, we see how the human race developed into people groups with different languages, cultures, and physical features, but how we are still one race.

Trace the letters and color the pictures to celebrate how God made everyone on earth.

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