Free Download: Bible Pocket Guide

Free Download: Bible Pocket Guide

Quick Answers to Common Questions about the Bible

The Bible claims to be the Word of God and to be sufficient for understanding the world in which we live. But how do we know it can be trusted? It’s written by the Creator, so we can put our trust in it!

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Free Download: Bible Pocket Guide

Get answers to these common questions and more:

  • Why 66 books?
  • Is the Bible enough?
  • Are there contradictions in the Bible?
  • How does the Bible compare to other religious writings?
  • Where is proof of creation?
  • What is a biblical worldview?

Using careful biblical scholarship, experts show why we can trust the Bible. With this Pocket Guide to The Bible, you’ll be equipped with answers on the authority of Scripture.

“An excellent guide to get equipped with answers to common questions about the Bible — fast!”
Ken Ham

Ken Ham
CEO, The Ark Encounter
Answers in Genesis & Creation Museum

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