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How ironic that people are turning for answers to a religion whose logical conclusion is that life is ultimately meaningless.

“What happens at an atheist church?” That surprising headline appeared recently in BBC News Magazine. The article begins, “An ‘atheist church’ in North London is proving a big hit with non-believers. Does it feel a bit like a new religion?”

These atheists are trying to fill a void, according to the BBC reporter: “The audience—overwhelmingly young, white and middle class—appear excited to be part of something new and speak of the void they felt on a Sunday morning when they decided to abandon their Christian faith.” But they have chosen to reject the only person who can fill that emptiness, Jesus Christ, the Creator and Savior. They are suppressing the truth about their Creator and the law that is written on their hearts (Romans 1:18–19, 2:14–15). Even in choosing to meet on Sunday, a day traditionally reserved to worship the risen Christ, they are actually shaking their collective fists at the God whose existence they deny.

The fact that atheists even bother to congregate to discuss the meaning of life shows just how desperately human beings need the true God. Even when we try to remove God from our lives, we are compelled to fill the void with some other religion. And atheism is undeniably a religious position—a starting point for explaining everything in the universe—although without God.

How ironic that people are turning for answers to a religion whose logical conclusion is that life is ultimately meaningless.


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