Free Noah's Ark Sunday School Lessons

The only Sunday school curriculum that helps you bring the Bible to life in your classroom.

Not just a Bible story for kids—teachers and students alike will enjoy diving into Noah's journey, learning how to apply his real-life experience from the book of Genesis to their lives.

Along the way, you’ll learn about God’s plan of salvation while exploring how science confirms what we read in Scripture.

  • Get the first four Sunday school lessons for kids and adults—all age groups are included!
  • Everything you need to get started is included, giving you the full ABC experience.
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Transform your Sunday school classroom.

Kathy Morales

“What we are experiencing is that our teachers are so excited about what they are learning. Their enthusiasm about the content and how it is presented is transforming our children's ministry. To God be the glory!"

Dr. Kathy Morales, Women's Ministry Director

Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain in Las Vegas, NV

What’s Included?

Answers Bible Curriulum Sunday School Kit

Your free Sunday school lessons include digital versions of all the key components for all six age groups from the first four lessons of Answers Bible Curriculum.

These free lessons are actual material from the curriculum, with everything you need, to see how ABC works!

  • Teacher & student guides (PDF)
  • Take-home sheets (PDF)
  • Family devotionals (PDF)
  • Games, activities, and crafts (PDF)
  • PowerPoint slides (PPT)
  • PreK–1st flip chart (PDF)
  • Justin & Jessie stories (PDF)
  • Posters for lessons, memory verses, etc. (PDF)
  • Memory verse songs & videos (MP3, MP4)
  • Supplemental video content (MP4)

Topics Covered

Not just a Bible story for kids—Answers Bible Curriculum brings the Bible to life, teaching the real-life journey of Noah and the ark found in the book of Genesis.

  1. Catastrophe: The Flood
    • God brought a worldwide Flood as punishment for the sin and wickedness in the world. However, just as God saved Noah, He provided Jesus Christ as the Savior for sinners who repent and turn to Him.
  2. God Saves Noah
    • While all the air-breathing, land-dwelling animals and people not on the Ark were destroyed, Noah, his family, and a remnant of animals were saved on the Ark.
  3. The Worldwide Flood
    • The universal language in the Bible, the size and the need for an Ark, and the fossils and sedimentary layers left behind after the Flood all confirm the global flood is true.
  4. Noah’s Ark
    • We often see pictures and images of arks that could never have survived the worldwide Flood. God’s Word gives us a better look at how sea-worthy the ark was—large enough to hold two of each kind of air-breathing, land animal!

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