Enhance Your Sunday School with ABC Extras

by Answers Bible Curriculum on June 30, 2020

As the country slowly opens back up, churches and Sunday schools are beginning to reopen. You may have taken a break from Answers Bible Curriculum, or maybe you arranged a virtual Sunday school and barely missed a week. Either way, we know you’re excited to get back to teaching in a real classroom.

As you transition back to teaching in a classroom, we encourage you to take advantage of everything ABC has to offer

As you transition back to your classroom, we encourage you to take advantage of everything ABC has to offer. There are many “extras” that you can use to enhance your Sunday school experience.

For example, did you know that Bryan Osborne, one of Answers in Genesis’ dynamic speakers and a former Bible history teacher, has filmed dozens of videos on a variety of topics to go deeper into the ABC lessons? These are a fun (and free) way to supplement your teaching. You can find a video for every lesson on our Answers Bible Curriculum YouTube playlist.

Here are some of the other extras you can enjoy:

  • Illustration videos for a fun behind-the-scenes peek at what it takes to make ABC. (You can find them on this playlist on our YouTube channel).
  • Take-home sheets to help students remember and discuss what they learned as a family.
  • Teaching videos for teachers from various AiG experts, including Ken Ham and Bryan Osborne.
  • Music videos to help students learn the Scripture memory and other fun songs.

Once you are back to meeting in person, we trust God will use ABC in your church to bring you and your students closer to him as you grow in your knowledge of his Word.

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