New Testament ABC Lessons Now Available (And You Can Try Some for Free!)

by Avery Foley on January 20, 2020
You can try two of our New Testament lessons for free along with two from the Old Testament!

Our brand-new ABC lessons are now available! Since we announced ABC 2.0, the second edition of our popular Sunday school curriculum, we’ve been rolling out new lessons for all age groups (Pre-K through Adult), and we’re excited to announce that New Testament lessons are now available. You can try two of our New Testament lessons for free along with two from the Old Testament!

These New Testament lessons start in Unit 13. They cover the early chapters of the Gospels, including the arrival of both John the Baptist and Jesus, with lessons on why we can trust the New Testament, Jesus as Messiah, and understanding the Gospels. Currently, Unit 13 is only available in ESV, but the KJV lessons are coming soon!

ABC 2.0 took an excellent Sunday school curriculum and made it even better, based on your feedback. Here are some of the new features you can enjoy with ABC 2.0:

  • Even more lessons (200 lessons over four years).

  • Numbered lessons that allow you to pause for holidays or summer breaks easily.

  • Flexible scheduling, as lessons are now packaged in 20 units of 10 lessons each.

  • Available in two translations, the ESV and KJV.

  • A coloring sheet is provided for each lesson from Pre-K through grade 5, and we’ve also added more optional games, activities, and crafts in nearly every lesson.

  • Two original memory verse songs are included with each unit, available in both traditional and contemporary music styles.

Order your New Testament lessons, or upgrade to ABC 2.0, today. You can even pre-order upcoming units. That way, you don’t have to remember to order them when they become available—they’ll just arrive in your mailbox!


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