Small Sunday School Classes: Will ABC Still Work?

by Avery Foley on October 21, 2019

Many churches have small Sunday school classes and therefore combine age groups. Answers Bible Curriculum is divided into various age groups (from preschool through adult)—will it still work for small classes that combine children of various age groups?

Yes! Many churches with combined Sunday school classes use ABC and love it. Here are some tips on how to do this:

  • Go “middle of the road.” Pick the curriculum age level in the middle of your age range (e.g., use grades 2–3 if you combine grades 1–5).
  • Go short or go long? Adapt the Scripture reading for the attention span of the students. If you have smaller children in your class, consider cutting the Scripture reading a bit shorter and summarize instead.
  • Mix it up. Help older students feel like they are your helpers by asking older, confident readers to look up and read the Scripture passage(s).
  • Go digital. Check out the digital resources. Look at the resources for each of the age ranges in your group and choose those that best fit most of the children in your class. Consider their interests and abilities.
  • Mix it up again. Pull questions from the curriculum for the older and younger age groups. Since everyone doing ABC learns the same thing each week, just at varying levels of depth, you can pull from the curriculum aimed at older and younger students. Ask younger students easier questions, and direct more challenging questions at older students.

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