Use Skits to Encourage Participation and Excitement for the Bible

by Avery Foley on October 11, 2019

Children learn in many ways, and the more variety you can bring into their learning, the more they will retain. One interactive learning tool is a skit. These short, easy-to-stage plays bring teaching to life, helping little minds remember it. With Answers Bible Curriculum, skits are interspersed throughout the lessons for Pre-K through Middle School.

There are four main types of skits used, and one additional type for grade 2 through middle school:

  1. Teacher narration: The teacher narrates the dialogue and actions and tells students what to say and do. This skit may be one with instructions provided in the lesson or resources, or it can be narrated straight from the Bible.
  2. Student scripts: Students receive a printout (one each) of the script, read their line and follow directions. Highlighting the different parts in each script is helpful for this format.
  3. Narration with cue cards: The teacher narrates some parts and gives instructions while students read their lines from cue cards. These cards may be provided in the skit, or you can write the lines on index cards for the students.
  4. Reader’s theater: Students read assigned parts from scripture text.
  5. Grades 2 through Middle School have Real World Skits provided as a resource. You may pass these out to students the week before so they can prepare their role. A teacher and assistant may act out the Real World Skit for younger students who may not be able to read fluidly. You may highlight the different student roles on each printout of the skit so it’s easier for students to track their lines.

To add an extra layer of fun and interaction to your skit, consider creating a prop box and allowing students to use these in various skits. Items may include robes, hats, scarves (for head coverings), belts, bed sheets, blankets, walking sticks, cups, pots, candles, etc.

Have fun as you make the greatest truths of all time memorable for little minds!

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