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How to Keep Students Engaged During Storytime

by Avery Foley on July 5, 2019

Part of our Answers Bible Curriculum for younger grades are our Justin & Jessie stories. These fun stories help children apply what they are learning from God’s Word to everyday situations.

These stories are popular with kids, but, they only have one picture for the whole reading. Here are some ways to keep students engaged during these stories so they can get the most possible out of them:

  • You don’t have to sit down! Walk around while you’re reading the story.
  • Use different voices for the various characters and add vocal variety.
  • Consider hiding the picture/poster until you get to the portion of the story the picture is related to and then unveiling it.
  • For younger children, read the story while students are eating a snack, coloring, or doing another table activity. That way, hands are busy which can help them focus on the story, rather than focusing on sitting still.
  • For older children, add some interaction by pausing the story and asking questions like, “Do you think Justin’s plan is a good idea?” “What would you have done?” or “How many of you have taken swimming lessons like Justin and Jessie are doing?” Asking questions helps keep the children engaged. But, do keep in mind children can quickly get distracted by telling their own stories. Redirect the children back to the story or, if the story they are telling is getting rather long-winded, tell them you can talk about it later.

Justin & Jessie stories are a great way to help children with lesson application. Don’t neglect them! Your students will appreciate it.

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