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What Are Students Saying About Answers Bible Curriculum?

by Avery Foley on March 29, 2019

When someone challenges you about your faith or the truth of the Bible, do you have a well-reasoned response? Do you shy away from initiating gospel conversations because you don’t know if you will be able to answer the inevitable questions? If so, you’re not alone. Many Christians struggle to defend or even articulate their faith. That’s why we filled our Answers Bible Curriculum (a four-year Sunday School curriculum) with apologetics.

We integrated apologetics into ABC for two reasons;

  1. to encourage and strengthen ABC students in their faith and
  2. to equip them for evangelism so they can confidently share their faith with others.
We want to equip them to effectively engage the culture, boldly sharing Christ with others.

Evangelism and apologetics are two sides of the same coin. We don’t want to equip people with answers so they can merely win a debate or have a head full of knowledge. We want to equip them to effectively engage the culture, boldly sharing Christ with others.

Two students share that ABC helped them do just that:

My Sunday school class when I was in HS used the Answers in Genesis bible study! It helped me stand up in a science class and tell the truth about creation, a lot of those students NEVER heard the creation story which opened up many doors. It wasn't also just about the creation but it is a great witnessing tool as well, everything leads to Christ's crucifixion and salvation.
I have been in church since I was a child. I say that to say, I have some Bible knowledge. I have learned MANY things I never knew. I am using what I am learning to share more of my faith—THANK YOU for this valuable program. :-)

We’re humbled and grateful to the Lord that, in his grace, he is choosing to use ABC to build up his church and send them out to share with others.

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