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AiG Short Film, New Beginning, Premieres March 29, 2019

by Avery Foley on March 27, 2019

What might life have been like before, during, and after the flood for Noah and his family? See the historical account found in Genesis come to life in a brand-new short film from Answers in Genesis. This film, New Beginning, will touch your heart and help you see the flood account in a new light.

We’re excited to announce the official premiere date for New Beginning! You will be able to watch this film on March 29, 2019. New Beginning will first be announced on our Answers Bible Curriculum Facebook page so be sure to follow us on Facebook for the earliest access to this exciting new film!

Filmed on intricate sets created by AiG artists and in the gorgeous scenery of Washington state, this short film truly brings the Bible to life, making Noah and his family tangible. Bringing the Bible to life is one of the reasons we designed ABC to be chronological. We want believers to experience the Bible in a way that showcases it as the book of history and truth that it is.

Through New Beginning, you will follow Shem’s wife as she shops in a pre-flood marketplace, as she and her family begin the ark voyage, and as they encounter the post-flood world. Prepare to be moved and to think about the flood from a whole new perspective.

Be sure to follow Answers Bible Curriculum at for the announcement when the film becomes available.

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