Essential Engagement: ABC Supplemental Resources Cover Your Every Need

by Avery Foley on February 8, 2019

Gathering together everything you need for Sunday morning may seem daunting. But we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you with our digital resources. Everything you need for your students is printable (except for some craft items) and, with the code we give you, every teacher can access the materials. Simply check your teacher’s handbook for what you need, print it off, and you’re done!

For weeks where you need additional craft materials, we clearly outline what you need, making it easy for you to procure all the items. To make your weekly prep even easier, consider making a list of everything you need for all the activities for the entire quarter and buying them all at once, so your Sunday school classroom is all stocked and ready to go. This also helps you buy repeat items in bulk, saving you money.

Answers Bible Curriculum Supplemental Resources

Some churches even ask for a volunteer to be the Resource Coordinator. This person is responsible for collecting the craft items needed for activities and making sure they are prepped and placed in each classroom for Sunday morning. This ensures the teachers don’t even have to think about it but can focus on the content of the lesson.

If you haven’t explored the supplemental digital resources (such as printable books of the Bible cards) we make available, be sure to take a look at the offerings. We believe you will find them helpful in prepping for Sunday morning.

You can find all these digital resources in your ABC kit. Learn more, and try one month of lessons free, at

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