Music Matters: 5 Tips for Adapting ABC’s Music to Your Congregation

by Avery Foley on December 27, 2018

I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. (Psalm 119:11)

To help kids memorize God’s Word, storing it up in their hearts, we’re excited to offer high-quality Scripture memory songs for all of the memory verses included in Answers Bible Curriculum. Here are five ways to help use these songs to impact the next generation:

  1. Choose contemporary or traditional. Our music is available in two different styles to meet the needs of your church. Contemporary music features the ESV translation and traditional features the KJV translation.
  2. Play music when the kids arrive and when they’re being picked up. The more they hear the songs, even just playing in the background, the more likely they are to learn them.
  3. Play music during snack, activity, and game time. Again, the more the children hear the music, the more it will stick with them.
  4. Set aside time to sing. Consider bringing a bucket of instruments and handing them out so the children can play an instrument while they sing. This will keep them engaged and help them learn the songs. You can also dance or incorporate actions (these are included in the music videos that go along with the songs, available in your digital downloads). We also provide song sheets so you can play the songs and sing with the kids without the help of a CD or download. If you don’t play an instrument, consider asking someone in the church who does if they would like to volunteer to lead children’s worship in their classrooms or in an assembly.
  5. Send the music home with them. Order extra copies of the music so parents can play it around home or in the car. We’ve heard from many people that their children genuinely love the music and enjoy singing along.

You’ll love hearing children singing praises to their Creator while they hide his Word in their hearts. Learn more about ABC, and try a month of lessons for free at

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