Starving for Substance? ABC Offers Deep, Rich Content for All Ages

by Avery Foley on December 18, 2018

Research for Ken Ham’s book Already Gone showed that children who faithfully attended Sunday School were actually less likely to trust God’s Word and remain in church than their peers who didn’t. This seems so backwards! What would cause children who received weekly Sunday school teaching to become more likely to distrust the Bible?

We believe (and the research seems to support this) this is partly because of the answers these children were given when they asked questions, particularly questions regarding origins, the age of the earth, and the flood. Instead of being encouraged to trust God’s Word and interpret the evidence in light of the history God has given us in Scripture, so many children are simply told that doesn’t matter or that God could have used evolution and millions of years to create. This creates a distrust of God’s Word—if we can’t trust it in the beginning, why should we trust what else it says?

Children who faithfully attended Sunday School were actually less likely to trust God’s Word and remain in church.

Most, if not nearly all, Sunday school curricula either ignore these questions or encourage children to accept man’s ideas over God’s Word. Instead of wrestling with the questions of our day, most Sunday school curricula focus on “fluff” and moral lessons. They don’t dig into the meat of God’s Word, and they don’t answer questions young people have.

But Answers Bible Curriculum, our Sunday school curriculum written in response to the findings of Already Gone, isn’t like that. You won’t find any fluff in this curriculum! It’s meaty—filled with theology and doctrine—and deals with the issues of our day, while teaching children, teens, and adults to think biblically and defend their faith.

Here’s what people are saying about the “meatiness” and deep content found in ABC (content edited slightly for clarity):

The Answers Bible Curriculum is THE most thoroughly biblical teaching materials we have found!

When our children enter our Children's Ministry at the age of 4, they will leave our Children's Ministry at the age of 12. This means that they have the potential and the opportunity to go through the entire Bible 2 times and at 2 different periods of their life with foundational learning . . . Bar none, this is the greatest tool for teaching children the Bible, history, apologetics, hermeneutics and worldview.

The students I have taken through the Answers curriculum have not been exposed to such in-depth, truthful teaching. They are thirsty for the Word!!!

The students have really been able to see the “entire” story of the Bible. You can really see them making connections between the old and new testament—something they had never done before.

I can't say enough about how “meaty” it is. It attacks the real world issues involving the historical accuracy of the Bible . . . What excites us the most is to see our Sunday School kids going from children being dragged along in a “light” version of the gospel to children coming to life with deep questions, curious for real answers and even our second graders posing theological curiosities that would not have been triggered had we not been digging deep into the word of God.

If you would like to take your Sunday school from “fluff” to substance, consider Answers Bible Curriculum. Try a month of lessons for free at

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