How ABC Cultivates Opportunities for Outreach

by Bryan Osborne on December 4, 2018

Answers Bible Curriculum is designed as a Sunday School curriculum to be used in churches. But users are adapting it to use in a variety of different ways including homeschool, Christian school, and for outreach to unbelievers. It’s exciting to see!

Research has shown that most believers, especially in younger generations, are biblically illiterate. They simply don’t know what the Bible teaches or why they believe what they believe. That’s why we designed ABC to go through the Bible chronologically. This approach brings the Bible to life, highlighting the scarlet thread found throughout both the Old and New Testaments—Jesus and his gospel.

ABC doesn’t assume you know anything about the Bible. Indeed, it teaches the whole Bible so that you will become familiar with it.

ABC also focuses on biblical authority. This means we emphasize that the Bible is true and must be the foundation for our thinking in every area. We also show you how to apply God’s Word to the issues of our day. Apologetics are integrated throughout the curriculum, answering the questions of our culture.

Why am I highlighting all of these unique ABC features? Because they are what make it perfect for outreach. ABC doesn’t assume you know anything about the Bible. Indeed, it teaches the whole Bible so that you will become familiar with it, while answering your questions and showing why Christians think the way they do along the way. These are exactly the features you need, not only to help believers dive deeper into Scripture, but also to help unbelievers understand the Bible and Christianity.

Here are some outreach ideas from real people using the curriculum to share the gospel with unbelievers (content edited slightly for clarity):

  • I began using [ABC] in the county jail where I lead a Bible study…Every week has been so impactful . . . . We can't do all of the activities, of course, because I can't bring in anything other than paper and I can't give them anything, but there's enough . . . learning the books of the Bible and memorizing Scripture. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful curriculum that's impacting these ladies in jail.
  • We use this curriculum with our Kids Club because we can't find anything else which chronologically presents the gospel and ties the gospel into almost every lesson. The connection between the Old and New Testaments is always evident. The focus on God's character/attributes is also unique, I think. We have churched and non-churched kids in club and all enjoy it. Two were saved this year (out of only 15 attendees!).
  • The ABC for Year 1 Quarter 1 "We Can Trust the Bible" was very helpful for all the Christian students in our class for deepening their confidence in Scripture and was also very helpful for the students in the class who were non-believers from a Muslim background in challenging in love their belief that the Bible is not the inerrant Word of God. We had many great discussions using this curriculum.
  • [Our group] is a non-profit Christian organization that teaches Bible in the public schools (they are released from school time to attend an off-site class). We are thrilled with the ABC curriculum. The lessons fit in well into an educational setting. The students of all ages respond well to learning to use their Bibles on a weekly basis. We get a high percentage of non-churched children in our classes who are eager to learn and apply these lessons to their lives. I am constantly getting feedback from our teachers of how much they are personally learning. We have yet to find anyone who doesn't thoroughly enjoy these lessons.

ABC is a wonderful resource for reaching unbelievers by teaching them more about God’s Word. Give it a try with one month of free lessons!

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