How ABC Works Across Translations, New and Old

by Bryan Osborne on November 13, 2018

For many churches, the translation of the Bible used in their resources, including Sunday school curriculum, is very important to them. They prefer consistency across all platforms; print, video, audio, etc. For that reason, when we updated Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC), our four-year through-the-Bible Sunday school curriculum, we added a feature that allows churches to choose between the traditional King James Version (KJV) and the popular English Standard Version (ESV).

All Scripture verses, including memory verse songs and posters, are available in either the KJV or the ESV, allowing you to choose which works best for your congregation. We believe many church bodies will find this helpful as they make the important decision of what Sunday school curriculum to use in their teaching efforts.

ABC is specifically designed to get students into their Bibles.

Also, ABC is specifically designed to get students into their Bibles. We don’t necessarily write out the verses in the lesson; instead we want you to open your Bible and read directly from the text. So regardless of which translation your church uses, you can still use ABC, although you will have to adapt the memory verses into your preferred translation.

You can learn more about ABC, and even enjoy a month of free lessons for all six age groups (pre-K to adult), when you visit

Please note: Answers in Genesis is a biblical authority ministry and does not enter into the debate regarding preferred Bible translations but leaves that important decision to the wisdom of church denominational boards and/or local church bodies.

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