Enjoy Free Easter Lessons from Answers Bible Curriculum

by Bryan Osborne on March 15, 2018

I’m excited to tell you and your church about a special gift for this Easter season from the curriculum team here at Answers in Genesis—two free Easter Sunday school lessons! These lessons, “Jesus Died for Sinners” and “Jesus Rose from the Dead,” can be used on Good Friday and Easter Sunday or the Sunday before Easter and then Easter morning. Or use them on their own—it’s totally up to you!

Free ABC Easter Lessons

Get two free Easter Sunday School Lessons for PreK through Middle School!

These free lessons include absolutely everything you’ll need to prepare to teach this lesson, including

  • Teacher guide with Bible lesson and application
  • Lesson posters
  • Memory verse poster
  • Review questions
  • Optional activities such as games and crafts
  • Take home sheets
  • And more!

These free Easter lessons are available for four age groups: PreK–1, Grades 2–3, Grades 4–5, and Middle School. Kids will learn the real meaning of Easter and what we’re celebrating during this special season. While they look to the Scriptures to learn about Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, his crucifixion, and Resurrection, they’ll discover why Jesus suffered and died on the Cross and why the Resurrection is such an important part of the gospel.

Our Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) is extremely gospel focused—you’ll find Christ and his redemptive plan throughout the 200 lessons that go through the Bible chronologically. But these Easter lessons specifically focus on the gospel, why Jesus’ suffering and death paid the penalty for sin, and how his resurrection provides eternal life to those who repent and believe. You’ll love these lessons and how they direct kids to praise their Savior, Jesus Christ.

Download your free lessons today as a supplement to your regular ABC class or to try it for the first time.

And thank you for your service in teaching young people the good news of the gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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