How to Schedule Answers Bible Curriculum

by Avery Foley

Unlike other curricula you may have used in the past, Answers Bible Curriculum is a chronological presentation of the history and truths found in the Bible. The most important theme in all of Scripture—the redemption of fallen mankind by Jesus Christ—is gradually revealed throughout the Old Testament and brought into sharp focus in the New Testament.

ABC takes students on the fascinating journey through the history of creation, sin, and redemption, stopping along the way to discuss important apologetics (“proofs”) and historical events. This page will help you know how to organize your teaching of this unique and exciting curriculum. See the questions and answers below to discover how ABC will work best for your church family.

Our church teaches Sunday school year-round. How long should it take us to complete ABC?

ABC is presented in 200 lessons, broken up into twenty 10-lesson Units. If you teach a lesson each week, you will complete the curriculum in about four years. But it really doesn’t matter when you begin, since our curriculum is not tied to years and quarters. You can begin when you want, take a break if you need to, and pick up at any time.

Year 1

Lesson 1–50

Year 2

Lesson 51–100

Year 3

Lesson 101–150

Year 4

Lesson 151–200

We typically take the summer off from regular Sunday school. How would we arrange our schedule for ABC?

Since ABC is not tied to years and quarters, you would simply teach the lessons sequentially from fall to spring, take a break for the summer, and then pick up where you left off in the fall. You may want to do a review lesson or two to begin the fall, just to remind the students what was covered the previous year.

What if we take a few weeks off for visiting missionaries, special events, or holidays, such as Christmas or Easter?

ABC is a great choice for you since you don’t have to buy a particular set of lessons just because it is the spring quarter. This means there won’t be any wasted lessons that you never got to teach. With ABC, you simply teach through the lessons at whatever pace fits your church’s schedule. You will start with Lesson 1 and teach through all 200 lessons in order until you are done. No waste!

Do we have to start ABC in the fall?

No. Unlike many curricula that are published in a quarterly format and only sold at certain times, ABC is available for purchase at any time. This gives you the option of starting ABC when it works for your church. If you want to start using ABC in the middle of March, go right ahead and then just continue working through the lessons until you are finished. Think of ABC in terms of 200 consecutive lessons rather than lessons for specific quarters.

Should we ever skip a lesson in ABC?

No. Each lesson is intended to build on the previous lesson, so it is important to cover the lessons in order without skipping any.

What do we do after we finish all 200 lessons?

When you have taught through all of the lessons, you are ready to start over! Even if you have gone through the lessons in four years, the students are now older and need to go back and learn about God and His plan of salvation at a deeper level. If the students began the study in first grade, they will be starting over in fifth grade with more sophisticated questions and new experiences to understand in the light of God’s Word. They will not feel that this is the same thing over again, because for them it’s not! For those using the Adult lessons, challenge a different person to take on the teaching responsibilities. It’s a great way to deepen understanding in someone who may be a good candidate for other future leadership responsibilities in your church. Repetition is an important way to instill the truths of Scripture into the hearts and minds of your students.

Large Group/Small Group Suggestions

While the lessons are written for graded classrooms, we have included suggestions in the lesson preparation section for what order to teach the lesson elements for churches that use a large group/small group format. Each lesson is divided into segments that can be easily adapted. The large group time can focus on reading the passages together and reciting the memory verses while the small group times can use the hands-on activities, lesson reviews, and take home sheets to reinforce the ideas.

Can I use ABC as my homeschool Bible curriculum?

Yes! While we designed ABC primarily for Sunday school use, many families are successfully using it in their homeschooling. Here is a suggested weekly schedule to use ABC as a homeschool Bible curriculum:

Day 1

  • Review previous lessons using the Flip Chart or the Lesson Theme Posters.
  • Teach the first section or two of Studying God’s Word (about 1/2 of the lesson).
  • Choose one or more optional activities to do.
  • Watch any video clips that correspond with the lesson. If there are several, split them up throughout the week.

Day 2

  • Cover the remaining teaching in the Teacher Guide to the end of the Lesson.
  • Read and discuss the Application section while your student colors the coloring sheet.
  • Choose one or more optional activities to do.

Day 3

  • Have your child complete the front side of the Student Take Home Sheet.
  • Read the OutWord section on the back page together with your child.
  • Read the Justin and Jessie story aloud (PreK–2nd)
  • Give your child a lesson quiz using the Review Questions.

Every Day

  • Practice the Memory Verse with your child using the Memory Verse poster and/or the Memory Verse songs.
  • Practice learning the order of the books of the Bible using the Books of the Bible poster or the Books of the Bible Flashcards.
  • Practice learning the attributes of God using the Attributes of God poster.
  • Pray with your child.

We pray this curriculum helps you see and apply the answers for life from the only source of authority for our lives—the Bible. May God bless you as you teach the wonderful truths of His Word, and may you and your students be conformed more and more into the image of Jesus Christ as you study the Bible together.

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