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  • UFOs & ETs Pocket Guide
    UFOs & ETs Pocket Guide

    What are we to make of the many UFO sightings that have been reported? Have aliens visited Earth? What does the Bible say about UFOs and ETs?

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  • Seven C's of History Booklet
    Seven C's of History Booklet

    The Seven C’s of History exposes the greatest challenge to people accepting the gospel today, and summarizes Answers in Genesis’ basic message—Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation.

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  • Gospel Tracts: Good News
    Gospel Tracts: Good News

    Answers in Genesis, Slavic Gospel Association, and the Children's Hunger Fund have joined forces to create gospel tracts - available in English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Thai! Purchasing the English versions of these tracts in bulk helps us fund the distribution of these tracks in Children's Hunger Fund Food Paks!

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  • The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years
    The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years

    Leave a legacy of faith to future generations. Ken Ham's bestselling book of all time, The Lie, now available by the case! Limited Time.

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