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Oscar Nava— Artist for Jesus

Oscar Nava

Oscar Nava was born in Mexico City, Mexico, and he has enjoyed art since he was a young child. His mother encouraged his artistic abilities.

In 1985, an 8.1-magnitude earthquake devastated Oscar Nava’s hometown, Mexico City, Mexico. The seismic upheavals and subsequent tsunami left 10,000 dead, 30,000 injured, and 100,000 homeless. For young Oscar, this emphasized the reality of the worldwide flood he’d learned about from his parents. He sees Noah’s flood as a synopsis of history—sin destroys; God saves. He’s noticed that doubt of the flood account often leads to disbelief in God, so his art focuses on Noah’s epoch.

Oscar admits, “As a child, my rambunctiousness drove my mother crazy!” She learned the only way to “tranquilize” him was with an arsenal of painting tools, sewing supplies, cooking ingredients, etc. Eventually, he worked with his father in a print shop and the joy of that ambience, coupled with the creativity encouraged at home, drew him to both graphic design and culinary arts.

His parents stocked the house with Christian resources, including a gospel film that convinced him of his need for Jesus as Savior and salvation by grace through faith. Now Oscar says his “delight is in the law of the Lord.” The film and new passion inspired him to commit his talents to God’s glory.

Oscar has been through many trials, including a recent battle with cancer. But this highly skilled artisan continues to honor his Creator. Besides helping design Ark Encounter exhibits, Oscar has designed a beautiful line of elaborate gift items that serve as reminders that just as God saved Noah, he saves us today through faith in Jesus Christ.

NEW! Ark Encounter Coloring Book

Oscar Nava Coloring Book

Unleash your imagination with the unique artwork of Oscar Nava! Includes 17 intricate and captivating designs featuring hidden arks throughout the pages. Display your masterpieces with convenient one-sided printing on each 8.5" x 11" page!

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Two Free Coloring Book Pages!

Oscar Nava Coloring Pages

We would like to give you 2 of the 17 intricate and captivating designs from the new Ark Encounter coloring book by Oscar Nava. We hope you'll enjoy bringing his designs to life with your own vibrant colors and creativity!

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NEW! Leather-Bound Coloring Book

Oscar Nava Adult Coloring Book

The elegantly embossed leather-bound 17.25" x 11" cover protects the 12 beautifully detailed illustrations by Oscar Nava. A beautiful and elegant gift for those who love to color.

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Oscar Nava Gift Collection

With vivid colors and shapes, Oscar Nava incorporates traditional Mexican art and culture into his artwork. Through his painting and sculpting, he highlights the extraordinary beauty of creation for God’s glory. These beautiful gift items are replicas of his hand-painted art design.

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