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  • October Specials
  • The Wild Brothers: Paradise Lost
  • A Matter of Faith
    A Matter of Faith

    If you missed it on the big screen, share it now on DVD! Rachel Whitaker, a Christian, heads off to college where new friends create situations that require important decisions about her core beliefs!

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  • UFOs and ETs Pocket Guide
    UFOs and ETs Pocket Guide

    What are we to make of the many UFO sightings that have been reported? Have aliens visited Earth? What does the Bible say about UFOs and ETs?

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October Specials

New Book from Ken Ham

+ KEN HAM'S NEW BOOK! Introductory Specials

New research reveals how to reach the lost generation!

We need praying soldiers doing battle God's way! Find out more

Ready to Return


Reg: $13.99

$10.99 Sale

Ready to Return eBook


Reg: $9.99

$7.99 Sale

Ready for Reformation Set

3-Book Set + FREE DVD

Reg: $39.99

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