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  • Inside the Nye Ham Debate
    Inside the Nye Ham Debate

    With millions watching this live debate on February 4, 2014, Bill Nye "the Science Guy” squared off with Answers in Genesis founder and president Ken Ham in a historic debate. Go behind the scenes and beyond the event with this book to get even more details on the topics discussed!

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  • The War on Christmas
    The War on Christmas

    What is the truth about Christmas? Why does so much controversy cloud the true meaning and history of this sacred holiday? How can Christian families respond in a culture that seems to be declaring war on truth and rewriting reality?

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  • Six Days
    Six Days

    Discover how compromise starting in Genesis has filtered down from Christian seminaries and colleges to pastors - and finally to parents and their children. Get the facts, discover God's truth, and help bring a new reformation to churches and families by helping to call them back to the authority of God's Word.

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