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  • November Specials
  • Will They Stand?
    Will They Stand?

    Ken Ham gives us a powerful message about the importance of raising strong believers who can stand in the face of a world that will challenge, disparage, and seek to eliminate their faith. A "must read" for today's Christian parent!

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  • 2021 Calendar
    2021 Calendar

    Experience our two world-class attractions throughout the year with this beautiful calendar of the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. See the wonder of highlights from the grounds and exhibits through the seasons! 14-Month Calendar. Thick, high-quality pages fold out to big 12" x 18" spreads.

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  • Family Christmas Gift Bundle
    Family Christmas Gift Bundle

    Hand-picked Christmas gifts by Ken & Mally Ham for your family and loved ones. A fun and faith-strengthening gift bundle for all ages to help you save time and money. Note: cap style may vary from one shown with one of equal or greater value.

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Christmas Specials

Many new life-changing gifts and hand picked Christmas bundles by Ken & Mally Ham. Check out the new book by Ken, more new resources, and special offers for November. These Christmas special prices expire December 31, 2020.

Will They Stand

Will They Stand

$19.99 $17.99

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Kids' Gift Bundle

Kid's Christmas Gift Bundle

$88.91 $39.99

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Teen Gift Bundle

Teen Christmas Gift Bundle

$60.96 $39.99

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Family Gift Bundle

Family Christmas Gift Bundle

$169.88 $99.99

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