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  • February Specials
  • Genesis: Paradise Lost
    Genesis: Paradise Lost

    Add this powerful theatrical release to your collection. Captures the first week of Creation with cutting-edge cinematography and biblical accuracy, bringing the first chapter of Genesis to life!

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  • Evidence for the Bible
    Evidence for the Bible

    Archaeology helps us discover evidences that confirm the biblical account. This richly illustrated book provides a reliable summary of some of the biggest archaeological finds ever!

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  • Principles of Mathematics Book 2 Set
    Principles of Mathematics Book 2 Set

    In this Jr High (7th - 8th grade) pre-algebra math course, students will explore pre-algebra concepts through a Biblical worldview, establishing how the consistencies we see in mathematical concepts proclaim the consistencies of a faithful God.

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February Specials

Genesis: Paradise Lost

There is an increasing attack on the Bible's teaching that God created the heavens and the earth. It is a battleground discussion that most Christians are unprepared for. By allowing audiences to "experience" creation week and to understand the science behind it, Genesis: Paradise Lost reinforces how an intelligently designed universe matches both Science and Scripture. Removing the supposed “scientific-stumbling-block” of evolution which barricades many from hearing the Gospel, has opened many hearts to their Creator.

Preorders include 50-minutes of DVD bonus items, plus bonus video download, Proof of God.

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Genesis: Paradise Lost 3D Blu-Ray Set




Genesis: Paradise Lost 3D Blu-Ray Set

3D Blu-Ray Set SALE



Mid-winter Specials! Use code 1802DD in your cart. Specials expire 3-31-18.


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