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Answers Magazine Black Friday Special

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The award-winning Answers magazine is even BETTER!

"Answers" is now published six times per year!

Answers is the most-read and most-awarded creationist magazine in the world! Packed with relevant topics, amazing photographs, and informative graphics, this truly unique magazine uses exciting science facts to confirm the Bible and reach the lost. And with its updated format, it's even better than ever!

Highly engagine articles.

Highly engaging articles are better than ever!

Readers love the true stories that introduce many articles. And with better organized topic departments and new "infographics" from our award winning design team, the content is more memorable than ever before!

"Whether young or old, teacher or homemaker, Answers magazine offers faith-affirming articles you won't find anywhere else!"
-Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis

Ken Ham

Answers magazine builds your biblical worldview! It takes thought-provoking topics from creation, science, and culture and filters them through the truth of Scripture.

Practical & relevant for everyday life!

Answers-audio articles

Subscriber exclusive: Bonus features including free audio of every article

Answers Magazine cover

Web Exclusives

Each issue unlocks exclusive bonus content online, such as video clips and audio versions of many articles. These are great to listen to on your computer, in your car or as you exercise.

Digital Edition

Enjoy “turning the pages” of Answers magazine on-screen! Search articles, click web links, zoom in on specific charts, and more! You can even download it to access anytime.

The many award-winning topics


An ongoing stream of accolades and awards prove that Answers magazine is highly appreciated and respected by layman and experts across the land. And creation topics are our core! There is no better way to keep cutting-edge, current information coming to your home and sharpening your family.

Creation on Display Science in Perspective


The secular media sends a constant barrage of anti-Christian pro-evolution input into your home. But with Answers magazine, you quickly learn to discern the real story behind the supposedly rock-solid evidence of evolution. In reality, the evidence strongly supports biblical creation. And with captivating articles by trusted experts, you'll know why!

  • Geology
  • Astronomy
  • Biology

  • Chemistry
  • Genetics
  • Archaeology


No other Christian periodical provides the life-changing, creation-based perspective on culture and reaching the lost for Christ.

It's vital that Christians are informed and equipped to engage the culture with answers on the many social issues of the day.

Bible and Culture Ray Comfort

"This magazine is an amazing tool for evangelism, and for Christian growth. I look forward to every new issue. It is so beautifully and professionally done! Whatever you do, don't miss it!"
—Ray Comfort, Living Waters

Kids Answers comes with teaching poster Kids Answers activity page

Kids Answers

A free bonus inside every issue!

The 8-page Kids Answers is also updated and enhanced. Now includes at least one write-on activity page in every issue. There are science facts and biblical teaching that excite 6-10 year olds. Adults love Kids Answers too!

"Children devour Kids Answers! As a teacher I love the engaging material, kid-friendly apologetics and gospel wrap-up. As a parent, I know that my son is being equipped to defend his faith!"
—Bryan Osborne, Answers Bible Curriculum

Bryan Osborne

Single Issues

Answers magazine

Answers Magazine, Single Issue

Kids Answers

Kids Answers Mini-magazine

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