• Noah - and the Last Days
    Noah - and the Last Days

    From the producers of the award-winning "180" and "Evolution vs. God", Noah - and the Last Days DVD includes a special teaching by Ken Ham, "Creation and the Last Days". Notice: Parental Guidance Recommended

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  • Determining the Ark Kinds
    Determining the Ark Kinds

    What does it mean when it says that God created the animals to reproduce 'after their kind'? Find out in this illustrated lecture by Dr. Jean Lightner. Recent research may shock you!

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  • Atheism Pocket Guide
    Atheism Pocket Guide

    Is anyone truly an atheist? What does the Bible say? How can an average Christian carry on a reasonable conversation about the illogical ideas of atheism, a belief system that more young people are claiming all the time?

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  • April Specials
    April Specials
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