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Todd Friel Teaching Kits

Featuring Todd Friel
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Todd Friel is host of the popular "Wretched Radio" national radio talk show. We love his combination of wit with deep, fast- paced Bible teaching, all on a level that even teens love. These three kits cover strategic issues in the struggle to help the church retain a firm foundation in biblical authority and inerrancy.

What’s Included $80 value

  • Herman Who?

    Ask most Christians what they know about hermeneutics and they will probably ask, "Herman Who?" Spend 75 minutes with Todd Friel, and you will receive a condensed 16-week master's level education on how to read the Bible right. You will never read the Bible the same way again... and you will never have the wool pulled over your eyes by a false teacher.

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  • Drive By Church History

    Excellent background information that helps the Bible come to life! 47 short audio lectures designed to be drive-time friendly.

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  • Drive By Theology

    In these 48 short lessons you will learn: Bibliology, Theology Proper, Anthropology, Soteriology and ten other cool words that will impress people at a potluck.

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